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This factory unlock service is for Metro PCs (NOT T-mobile) phones that have Device Unlock app pre-installed.

Before ordering please follow these steps to check for eligibility. It is very important to check if your device is eligible for unlock.

1. This service is for clean IMEI only. If your phone has a bad IMEI, it will not work in USA but international after unlocking.

2. Connect your phone to wifi, open Device Unlock app and click Permanent Unlock. If you get the message "Unlock Failed: This device is not eligible for unlock..." then you can order this service.

3. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS SERVICE (no refund) If you get "Communication Error" or "Server Not responding, please try again later". 

How it works?

- It take about 12-48 hours to unlock your IMEI and you will be noticed via email.

- When you receive an email from us saying the order is completed, just run Device Unlock app again and click Permanent Unlock to unlock your phone

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